In a recent development six nine may be released from jail earlier than we all thought. According to an unsealed plea a deal, Tekashi could be dismissed of all charges and serve no jail time if he snitches on his friends. Tekashi is facing a minimum of a 47 years and a maximum of life in jail. His charges include racketeering conspiracy firearms offences and narcotics trafficking Tekashi is said to be sentenced on January 24th 2020. If he does snitch on his friends the government will file a motion for a sentence below a mandatory minimum. Of course he will have to be in witness protection because of all of this. In recent comments Tekashi 6ix9ine has admitted to participating in gang activities in his past and dealing with gang members presently. But let's not get it twisted, Tekashi has already told on one of his partners, Kintea Mckenzie; for the attempted shooting of Chief Keef in June of 2018.


        Tekashi69 shot the video to gummo in the summer of 2017 you shot it in front of a Brooklyn row house. To make matters worse tekashi69 It's also set to Faced a resentencing  for charges of sexual offense .Guess we'll have to see what happens folks..


Tekashi isnt the first one to have charges like this against. Im pretty sure we all remember Bobby Shmurda and the GS9 clique. Bobby hit hard with his single “ Hot” where he and friends are in the streets of New York throwing gang signs in traffic and “ Bustin that shmoney dance”. Soon Bobby would be convicted and is currently carrying out an 8 plus year sentence.


In all honesty we should have seen these charges coming