Hip Hop  Trends

     Hip Hop has been known to set trends in America all throughout the nation. its safe to say that this started in the 80's  with sugarhill Gang and Run DMC and Aerosmith with "Walk this Way" which is when hip made its way to the main stream. This  prompted the culture to take up such trends as leather jackets and walking around the streets with boom boxes on one arm. it also focused on expression through the  body  and art with such films such as " Breakin" and "Wild Style"  respectively focusing on everything from   graffiti art, MCing, DJing and b-boying, hip hop became the dominant cultural movement of  urban communities. 1982  is also the year where  hip hop began promote African American  political movements  such as  the black panthers through music and music  videos.   Another artist that made   social statements through hip hop was  Melle Mel and Duke Bootee who  recorded "The Message" which gave vivid and colorful descriptions of   rough life in the streets with the famous chorus " Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder, how i keep from going under". By 1985, youth around the globe were embracing the hip hop culture. The hip hop artwork and "slang" of US urban communities quickly found its way to Europe, as the culture's global appeal took root.


      Though the the politcal movements of the 80s was still going strong, rap also turned its attention to the more violent aspects of street life with the group NWA leading the way. Front man Eazy-E took charge of the group with his ultra violent and profane language. During this era the toleration of sexually profane language   and cursing ran rampid amoung the youth and and older crowd which  without doubt led to the desensitization on  committing the acts in the acts in real life, this fact is not as true in the 80's as in the 2000's which i will get to later on in article. The  late 80's early 90s rap scene was more of a commentary of what was really going  in the hoods of America. The trends that this produced were dark clothing and influenced the look of cars  such as daytons and  gold rims on the tires becoming popular . The 90's was really when hip hop  began taking on many faces. this includes the  house party scene which includes the antics of will smith and jazzy jeff with "Summer Time" and  " Parents just dont understand" this gave way to such fads as baggy clothing . The 90's was also a time of many different sub genres such as Neo Soul and R&B which brought about any styles such as the  wrap and made baggy  bright clothing acceptable  to  wear  amoungst men and women . The mid- to late 1990s also was a time when  hip-hop culture embraced some major designers and established a new connection with classic fashion. Brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger all gained an economic boost from tapping into hip hop culture and gave up very little in return. the 90s also was a time that gave way to new artists expressiing themselves  in new ways. this was especially seen in artists such as timaland who gave special treatmnt to artists such as Missy Elliot and Aaliyah who provided a new smoothness to the culture. The late 90's was when hip hop really began to get commerciallized especially in ares of hardcore rap. The group Cash Money which included break out artists Lil Wayne, Juvenile  , BG, and was/is ran by brothers Baby and Slim. It was this group that coined the term " Bling Bling" with a song of the same name . After this mass amounts of street thugs, teens, and people in the suburbs alike were buying mass amounts of jewelry wwhich no doubt helped big time jewelers such as  Debeers and Zales make millions from their shipments. The southern group and other artists as well also made sagging jeans and baggy clothes the new trend as as well. Without a doubt the group Rocafella led by jay-Z and Dame Dash led the new millenia's rap game with their new york swag. "The Dyanasty" as Jay-Z coined it composed of many new york artists and burst their way into the industry by making the making their own fashion  label rocawear which became  leading line in the streets and amoungst the youth. They also blended the line between streets and business as well by  making being a black entrepenuer seem posible for people with no prior business experience. Jay-Z and Dame dash ran rampid throuhg New York   leading album sales and making drinking crystal popular to those who otherwise wouldve never knew the drink existed.  These are just some of the marks hip hop has made throughout the decades , and with the new trend being  emerging  through social networking made popular by  rapper Soulja Boy  there is no telling what new trends Hip Hop will set for the public.