Fat Trel’s mixtape “On The Run”  is really a work of art the style on this album is unlike anything he's put out thus far. Released in October the album starts off with a tribute to his fallen comrade Karno, Whom he shouts out at the end of the song.  The smooth production alongside Trel’s crooning provides dignified smoking music for any listener. Whomever said that auto-tune was dead will have to listen to this mixtape and change their mind. The mixtape continues the smooth vibe with song such as ”Bridgette” and “On Site”. the latter features a monologue by an empowered black women citing the importance of the phrase “on site”. But perhaps my favorite line on the entire mixtape is on "Bridgett" where Fat Trel says “I'm on a flight with a deuce and a Sprite if you see something you like you can get it tonight”.  Fat Trel delivers something for the ladies with the song “Fate”. In it he says “you can't fight fate but I'mma wait for you shorty ima wait” , something a lot of people have gone through undoubtedly. All can relate to and this song when Fat Trel talks about all the things he would do and fantasies he would pursue with that one special girl.Features on this album include Derez Deshon P Wild and Meatchi . Meatchi is featured on the track “I remember” where they reminisce on times they were broke before all the stardom this song stays on Vibe but is a nice  break from the aggressiveness of the previous songs. All in all “On The Run” is Vast worthy and truly deserves a listen whether or not you're a Fat Trel fan.




Fat Trel's On the Run Album Tracklist

  1. "Karno" (Produced by Yung Lan)
  2. "Who Is You" (Produced by JD On The Track)
  3. "Pressure" featuring Knuklehead (Produced by Yung Lan, Billboard Hitmakers and Kilo Keys)
  4. "On Sight" (Produced by Yung Lan)
  5. "Bridgette" (Produced by JD On The Track)
  6. "Fate" (Produced by Yung Lan)
  7. "Remember" Featuring Meatchi (Produced by Yung Lan and Kilo Keys)
  8. "Eyes Closed" (Produced by JD On The Track)
  9. "Too Much Drink" Featuring P-Wild (Produced by Yung Lan and Trauma Tone)
  10. "Countin' Faces" Featuring Z-Wayne (Produced by Yung Lan and Kilo Keys)
  11. "Party" Featuring Derez De'Shon (Produced by Unknown)
  12. "Where It's At" Featuring I Am Northeast (Produced by JD On The Track)
  13. "Makiyah" Featuring P-Wild (Produced by Yung Lan and Trauma Tone)