Deangelo L. Brown aka (Chubb Raps) was born on July, 4th in Miami, FL. His family moved to Charleston, SC shortly after. As a teenager Chubb started making music with his friends as a hobby. He’s well known in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Chubb has been on a relentless music grind ever since his life altering motorcycle accident. He received rods in both femur bones, pins in the left shoulder, pins in the right ankle, bracket and 6 screws in his lower back; (Some call him the bionic-man). During the healing process a lot of writing was done and the recording process soon followed. This started out as a hobby as well as a release of his emotions but, has now developed in to something greater. With a truly unique skill of word play, punch lines and delivery; his lyrical skill speaks for itself. His sound is one of a kind.